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We carry a full line of parts for 50cc and 150cc scooters and sell them to our
dealers at very competitive prices. Even if you are happy with the scooters
you currently sell and do not want to carry our line of ZNEN built scooters
we can still set you up as a parts dealer. We know that many of the
distributors who sell the low quality scooters at dirt cheap prices can do so
because they do not carry a parts inventory. We get calls every day from
dealers looking for parts for other brands of scooters.

Most China scooters use the same parts so chances are that our parts will
work on almost every scooter out there. The only parts that we are limited
on are body panels. We only carry replacement body panels for the
Motorino/ZNEN scooter models that we sell. As long as your scooter has the
same style body then the panels should fit regardless of the manufacturer.

NEW DEALERS! Not sure which parts to order? No problem we have years of
experience and know what the most common parts are. We will set you up
with a parts package that is appropriate for your size shop, the models you
carry and for the scooters already on the road in your area. Just give us a
budget to work with and we will put together what you need to get started.
Remember most dealers make much more $ selling parts than they do selling
scooters. The margins are 3-10 times higher on parts than on scooters.

BRING IN SERVICE WORK! We sell 72cc upgrade kits that will get that 50cc
scooter up to speed much faster, climb hills much better and gain some mph
in top end speed as well. This is a great way to bring in service work. Make $
selling the kit and get the labor hours to keep your mechanics busy. We
have some shops that install 5-10 kits every week.

We now carry 72cc kits with both long and short valves. All our kits already
have the valves installed on the head to save you time. So give us a call or
email us and ask for a parts price list. You will be amazed at how low the are.

Here is a link to retail parts website. We only have about 60% listed on the
site due to time constraints but it gives you an idea of what we carry. Of
course dealer prices are much lower.
Every month we put 2 items on sale at half price and offer a great
deal on a number of other parts, all in addition to the already low
parts prices we offer to our dealers. Below is an example of
great deals you can get each month

Kevlar belts 669 -$5 each
Riding gloves - $2 a pair

150cc Deni carburetors - $25 each
150cc starters - $10 each
Generic belts all sizes - $3 each
Hi performance CDI - $5 each
Hi performance coils - $5 each

We also have closeout specials from time to time when we switch models or color
combos.  Currently we have complete body panel sets for the Classico scooters
for only $100. Where else can you completely change the color of a scooter for
that kind of price?

Just call and ask us to put you on our monthly email list so you can see the
specials every month.