motorino classico 50cc scooter
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50cc scooter
motorino supremo 50cc scooter
Motorino Supremo
50cc scooter
Motorino classico 50cc scooter
Motorino Classico
50cc scooter
Motorino Cassini 150cc scooter
Motorino Cassini
150cc scooter
motorino riviera 150cc scooter
Motorino Riviera
150cc scooter
Motorino Amore 150cc scooter
Motorino Amore
150cc scooter
Our Motorino scooters are made for us by the ZNEN factory in China. All of them come with a
1 year bumper to bumper warranty (excluding consumables), chrome gearcase covers, alloy
wheels and front antilock disk brakes. The Znen made products in addition all come with
stainless steel hardware, halogen headlights, Deni carbs, metal braided brake lines. 12%
thicker gaskets and dual piston front disk brakes. All Znen made Motorino scooters have
been extensively monitored at the factory by our American consulting firm to ensure top
quality parts are used and to make sure that all of the parts we have ordered are put in the
container with the scooters. This insures that we will have the parts you need when you
need them. We also test ride a random number of scooters as they come off the assembly
line to assure the best quality control.
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Motorino AMore 50cc scooter
Motorino Amore
50cc scooter
150cc scooter  built by ZNEN
150cc scooter