Strada RX8i 50cc gas scooter, one of many quality motor scooters we sell in addition to Geely scooters, Jalon scooters, Vento scooters and BKM scooters best 50cc scooters/mopeds on the market today at a great price. We also carry Vento scooters, Geely scooters and BKM scooters.
CPI scooters are built in Taiwan to very high standards. These machines are known throughout
the world and have an excellent reputation. They are relatively new to the US but are making a
strong entrance. These are some of the very few 2 stroke scooters with EPA approval in the US
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in large picture. Current exhaust
Wheels are also black.
The CPI Oliver 50cc scooter is a Taiwanese scooter. The superb quality of these
scooters is evident the minute you remove them from the box. This is one well built
machine. The CPI Oliver 50cc scooter is oil injected and come with alloy wheels,
electric/kick start, ABS front disk brakes and will do about 48mph.
ABS Front Disc Brakes
Rear Rack, can be used as passenger grip
for saftey
Perfromance Exhaust Sport Tuned two
Digital Instruments with improved daylight
(Select Units Only)
Indiglo Dashboard
Alloy Plated Floor Board
Engine two Stroke Air Cooled 49.26cc
Clutch Type CVT Belt Drive
Front ABS Disc Brakes
Rear Drum Brake
battery 12volt 4amp
Front wheel 120/70/12
Rear Wheel 130/70/12
Ignition CDI
Fuel tank Volume 4.8L
Engine Type KW1E40QMB-4
Dry Weight 230
Max Load 350